Puerto Rico/Miami-Dade Business Conference, A Success !

From Left - Right: Luis DeRosa, PR Chamber, Skip Chaves, PR Chamber, Otis Greene, Blackrock Securities, Dr. Manuel Maldonado Cotto, Economist,
Roberto Fernandez, Merrill Lynch San Juan, Gabriel Hernandez, Scherrer & Hernandez, Pedro Gomez, Merrill Lynch San Juan

Miami, June 25, 2009

The Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of South Florida, Miami Office in partnership with Merrill Lynch celebrated a Business Conference for its membership where several speakers were invited to address recently enacted legislation in Puerto Rico that provides significant Tax benefits for new commercial and trade businesses in the Island of Puerto Rico.

The activity was hosted by Merrill Lynch’s San Juan office and by Scherrer & Hernandez, one of the largest CPA Firms in the Island.
Mr. Roberto Fernandez, Vice President of Merrill Lynch’s Global Wealth Management Division and Mr Gabriel Hernandez, Senior Partner at Scherrer & Hernandez, were joined by Dr. Manuel Maldonado Cotto, Economist from Intelligence Forecasting Corp, and Mr Otis Green, Director and Portfolio Manager from Blackrock Securities to speak about Puerto Rico’s current economic and business environment, Tax advantages of doing business in Puerto Rico and Investment and Financing alternatives offered by Merrill Lynch’s San Juan office for individuals and corporations doing business in Puerto Rico.

“The activity was a big success” indicated Mr Luis De Rosa, President of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce in South Florida. “ The speakers presented valuable information on Tax benefits, and Investment opportunities for Individuals and Corporations who would establish trading and commerce with  Puerto Rico, especially for those who would establish subsidiaries or locations on the Island.  The current government administration has enacted legislation to expand even further the advantages of doing business in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico has been a pioneer since the 1950’s in developing laws to promote industrial and business development on the Island.”

For more information please call the Chamber at 305-571-8006.